Who are the Funny Waiters?

Do you need some entertainment for a dinner, a party, or maybe during a convention?

The Funny Waiters propose you an original and hilarious show. Disguised as a sommelier, a maitre and a rookie waiter, they will mingle with the regular staff of the restaurant and start serving the unaware clients according to the usual professional deontology.

Then, like in a candid camera, the service will be turning into a real show.
Unexpectedly the Funny Waiters will begin serving in a queer way: the sommelier will be holding some six-language profound and erudite speech about the esoteric secrets of wines and spirits, the other two will be bringing into play weird tools, reading and commenting the menu in a humorous manner, moving things and chairs, using new mise en place techniques and serving up dishes like no one could imagine.

In a Rossinian crescendo the dinner will turn into a sequence of gags, operatic duets, funny disguises, dancing exploits, which will stir up mirth and hilarity in the viewers and make them take part in this astonishing comical escalation.

The Funny Waiters represent a convincing, amusing and original solution to meet your demand of entertainment.